Synergo believes that experiences provide the greatest lessons in life. We stress facilitation rather than teaching, and convey concepts through experiential activities connected to powerful debriefing sessions that translate the activities to our personal and professional lives. Synergo is an organization that empowers youth and adults to empower themselves. We discovered long ago that people learn best through their experiences, so we created a company that utilizes individual and group experiences to assist our participants in the understanding of themselves and their relationships to others. We design and facilitate youth and adults through personal empowerment, relationship / team building, and organizational development programs, which can be held on the challenge course, at on-site locations, or in classroom/conference settings.


The idea of “teaming” includes the effective management of teams in the work environment. Team building is useful, but of little lasting value if issues addressed by a group at its onset are not continuously examined and re-examined. This on-going evaluation is vital for the success of a team or an organization. Synergo provides a number of services relevant to maintaining the positive group dynamic that is developed with a powerful orientation for teams. These services involve workshops, indoor and outdoor experiential activities and discussions, challenge course programs, trust building and much more.


Synergo has a passion to create change in our communities by partnering with schools to support and enhance the work of our educators. We work with educators to create learning environments where respect, trust, and fun become the foundation for powerful learning.

Our programs for educators can include ways to create dynamic learning environments where educators and students feel safe and supported and teach the foundational concepts of experiential education and provide direct classroom applications that make teaching and learning fun.


Synergo finds tremendous value in working with the youth in our community. On average we work with over 5,000 youth in the Northwest each year. Whether it is a program with 5th graders celebrating their transition into middle school, a high school sports team, or a group of at risk teens, we realize the significance of a challenge course or experiential program to empower these youth.


Whether you play an individual sport and would like to learn some strategies to help improve your technique mentally and physically, or if you are playing or coaching a team sport and looking for ways to improve your group internally we can design a plan that is appropriate for you or your team. The makeup of a team is at the center of athletics and Synergo realizes the importance of creating a powerful team dynamic to find success in sports. Synergo works with all levels of athletes from professional sports teams and athletes to youth athletes and sports teams. So no matter how young or old, how many or how few trophies you have earned, we would love to work with you or your team.


Synergo also has extensive experience providing dynamic on-site programming; working closely with your group we can design programs around a specific theme, concept or goal. Each on-site program we provide takes on a distinct flavor depending on the groups needs and desired outcomes. To request a program, please click the link below and our Programming Director will reach out to you shortly!


Synergo is fortunate to partner with six incredible organizations to offer our challenge course programs in the Northwest – from Whidbey Island in Washington south to Ashland, Oregon. Each site has a distinct aesthetic and unique offerings when it comes to lodging, size of courses, indoor space, food choices and proximity to your location. We provide a variety of program options at each of these sites and want to be sure that each of every aspect is to your liking.