Risk Management

Training participants will be trained to assess and mitigate risk for participants as well as themselves. Risk Management includes understanding incident and near-miss trends while critically thinking and planning ahead to prevent potentially unsafe situations - both emotional and physical. 

Rescues and LOWERING

One of the most important skills required for facilitators are being ready and able to perform assists, lowerings and rescues at a moment's notice. A large part of our training curriculum centers around teaching the technical and critical thinking skills needed to help participants in any situation. 

Group Management

First impressions are powerful. A facilitator must be able to welcome an anxious group and instill a sense of calm confidence in their ability as a leader. Synergo trainings provide a foundation of interpersonal and soft skills needed when working with and caring for groups of all different sizes, shapes, fears and abilities. 



Challenge Course trainees will learn how to properly care for, maintain and inspect all site gear and equipment such as helmets, harnesses, carabiners, rescue packs and smart belay systems. 

The State of the Industry

We believe it is vital for all trainees to understand the current state of the outdoor challenge course industry. Our curriculum covers the history and future of the Association for Challenge Course Technology as well as diving into closely related industries such as Outdoor Recreation, Experiential Teaching and even Amusement Parks. 


One important aspect of any training curriculum is conveying the necessity of documentation. In all Synergo trainings, we go over industry specific case studies related to proper and improper documentation. This provides each trainee with the proper skills and knowledge needed to not only understand what documentation is needed for their specific site but the "why" behind each form.