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When the Boy Scouts of America reached out to us, they had a simple request. They wanted something new, exciting, and challenging for a wide skill set—something self-guided that Scouts could spends hours up at height on. They wanted something BIG. With a wide open footprint in the Oklahoma wilderness as our canvass, Synergo created a multi-story Adventure Park with 360-degree views of the expansive Zinc Scout Ranch. Now a part of multi-dimensional Outdoor Adventure Complex, Z-Base includes a wake park, shooting ranges, ninja warrior courses, a tree house adventure and mountain biking.

Skiatook, Oklahoma


Zink Ranch - Boy Scouts of America




The Boy Scouts of America are no stranger to dreaming up incredibly challenging experiences. Its stated in the heart of their mission by focusing on character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. So when we were given the task of creating something big, tough and challenging, we did just that. Made of almost entirely of steel, the Aerial Adventure Park at Zink Ranch is built to push Scouts to challenge their limits. Each tier of elements get steadily harder as you ascend with the top layer containing some of the toughest obstacles we’ve ever built.


Over the course of months, Synergo’s team of builders designed and installed a multi-line Zip Tour and the triple-tier Adventure Park. As you can see, the park still has open spaces for new elements and course paths with the idea of adding new ideas and changing previous elements to keep challenging Scouts year after year.


Synergo created and delivered a specifically tailored training for Zink Ranch’s staff and managers. This training was delivered following the Association for Challenge Course Technology standards, was 40 hours in length and included topics such as rescue tactics, emergency procedures, orientations, gear inspections, proper clipping attachments, ACCT and industry history, soft skills/customer service and much more.


Synergo annually inspects Zink Ranch’s Adventure Park and Zip Tour adhering to the Association for Challenge Course Technology standards.


Synergo takes pride in outfitting Zink Ranch with a full collection of proper gear and equipment. Taking into account the unique mission of the Boy Scouts of America, the guest throughput goal of leadership, the gear package included guide and guest helmets, trolleys, communication radios, multiple guide and guest harnesses, lanyards and rescue packs for both the Zip Tour and the Adventure Park.


In order to demonstrate operational competence if an accident were to happen, create knowledge and skill continuity among staff and create a reference for how the design, equipment and training at Zink Ranch intersect, we created an necessary Operations Manual. On top of the main manual, Synergo also created a package of operation documents to be used by staff.