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Getting a chance to be in the presence of towering Redwood’s is a privilege not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Mount Hermon has hundreds of beautiful Redwoods on their 150 year-old property, and its one of the major draws for the site. If people are traveling from all over the world to view these trees, why not bring them a little closer? In addition to off-belay, tree-mounted viewing platforms, over the years Synergo has built a multi-story Adventure Park that places guests face to face with the micro-climates and micro-ecosystems unique to these trees.

Mount Hermon, California


Mount Hermon Adventures



Concept & Design

Mount Hermon Adventures are made up of an Aerial Adventure Park and the Redwood Canopy Tour. The Adventure Park is made up of over 40 elements reaching heights of up to 80 feet high. Synergo consistently assists Mount Hermon in conceiving new additions and ideas to their already built courses.


Synergo was brought in to made necessary course changes and design new additions to the courses. This included replacing platforms with a modern approach to tree-care and adding new additions that we’re better tailored to the target audience.


Because of Synergo’s role as an ACCT Professional Vendor Member, we work closely with Mount Hermon each year to oversee the curriculum and delivery of in-house trainings.


Synergo inspects all Mount Hermon Adventure Courses adhering to the Association for Challenge Course Technology standards.


Synergo takes pride in outfitting all courses for Mount Hermon Adventures. Taking into account the expansive size of the parks and the varying guide responsibilities for each discipline, the gear package included guide and guest helmets, trolleys, guide and guest harnesses, lanyards and rescue packs creating specifically for Adventure Parks and Canopy Tours.


In order to demonstrate operational competence if an accident were to happen, create knowledge and skill continuity among staff and create a reference for how the design, equipment and training at Mount Hermon intersect, we created an necessary Operations Manual. On top of the main manual, Synergo also created a package of operation documents to be used by staff.