What are CLiC-iTs?

CliC-iT is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which consists of a double lanyard with two special carabiners specially designed for Aerial Adventure Courses and Challenge Courses. Simply said - they are automatic smart belays in which only one carabiner will be able to open at a time. While guests are traversing at height through adventure obstacles and challenge course elements, they are always clipped into the belay cable above them. Using CLiC-iTs ensures that the guest will not be able to accidentally open both carabiners at once as CLiC-iTs are automatically designed to keep one carabiner closed if the other is open.



Traditional Challenge Courses have historically used a pair of lobster claws or carabiners attached to two lanyards connected to a participant’s harness. This ensures that whenever the participant is climbing at height, on many of the various Challenge Course elements, they are always attached to their belay cable.



As the Challenge Course industry shifts and changes, and Canopy Tours evolve into large-scale Aerial Adventure Parks, the need for automatic smart belays are becoming more and more apparent. To meet this new demand for higher guest throughput while balancing the high operational costs of running these large Adventure Centers, CLiC-iTs are a solid step in mitigating the additional risks that come with this. Exchanging old traditional lobster claws with smart belays provides park operators a sense of peace of mind knowing that guests are not able to accidentally unclip both lobster claws or carabiners from their belay lines.