Petzl JAG Double Pulley

The JAG double pulley is designed for use with the JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley to make a 4:1 haul system.


Petzl JAG Traxion Double Pulley

The JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley is designed for use with the JAG pulley to make a 4:1 haul system.

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Petzl JAG Rescue Kit

The JAG RESCUE KIT is a ready-to-use reversible rescue kit designed to easily pick off and lower a victim.


Petzl Micro Traxion

The Petzl Micro Traxion is an ultra-light, ultra-compact progress-capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient (91%) thanks to its sealed ball bearings.


Petzl Pro Traxion Capture Pulley

The PRO TRAXION progress capture pulley was designed to allow rope installation while the pulley is connected to the anchor.

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CMI Double Micro Pulley

Double sheave rescue model. Purple anodized aluminum sideplates, two 1 1/4" aluminum sheaves, bushing, and aluminum axle.

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CMI Micro Rescue Pulley

Just the thing for hauling on walls or guiding, these CMI micro pulleys have a multitude of uses in a vertical world.


4:1 Pulley System

This pulley system provides a 4:1 mechanical advantage.

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3/8" Cable Grab w/Carabiner

This cable grab is constructed from stainless steel and has dual locking cams to control descent and arrest a fall. To be used on 3/8" cable only.


CMI Cable Able 2 3/8″

CMI Cable Able 2 3/8″

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CMI 2" Stainless Steel Pulley w/ Ball Bearing

Stainless steel sideplates, 2" aluminum sheave, ball bearing and stainless steel axle


Petzl JAG System

The JAG SYSTEM haul kit allows for victim pickoffs thanks to its 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent efficiency (sheaves with sealed ball bearings).


Petzl Tandem Speed Double Pulley

The TANDEM SPEED is the fastest of the carriage pulleys. It is specifically designed for lower-angle Tyrolean traverses.


Petzl Tandem Double Pulley - Rope

The TANDEM is designed for smooth and efficient Tyrolean traverses on rope.


CMI Rescue Swivel

CMI’s Rescue Swivel helps to eliminate twisting in critical lines due to load rotatio


CMI Micro Hauler

CMI’s many years of expertise in pulley design and ascenders have come together to form the micro hauler.


ISC ALF Climb Assist Pulley

The ALF Climb Assist Pulley was designed for the Challenge Course industry, as a simple method of protecting users on their way around a High Ropes/Challenge course.


ISC D4 Work Rescue Descender

The NEW D4 Work/Rescue Descender features a unique and innovative cam action, which offers precise control at slow or fast speeds

CMI RC105 Double Ended Cable-Able Pulley - lg.jpg

CMI Double Ended Pulley- 2 3/8″

Stainless steel sideplates, 2 3/8" zinc plated steel sheave, bushing, and stainless steel axle.


CMI Shear Reduction Pulley

Stainless steel side plates, 3" aluminum hard-coated sheave, bushing, and stainless steel axle.


CMI Stainless Steel Service Line Pulley - 2″

Stainless steel side plates, 2" aluminum sheave, needle bearing, and stainless steel axle.


CMI Stainless Steel Bearpaw Rigging Plate

The Bear Paw simplifies rigging by providing numerous tie-in points at a single anchor.


CMI Ropes Course Cable Pulley

Stainless steel side plates, 2" stainless steel sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle.


CMI Ropes Course Rope Pulley

Stainless steel side plates, 2" aluminum sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle.


CMI Uplift Capture Grab

A double pulley is mated to a remotely triggered retractable brake.


CMI Micro Zip Trolley

The CMI Micro Trolley is an excellent, lightweight solution for any backyard zip line.


Snap Shackle

Quick release device from the world of Sailing. Great for use on Giant Swing.


Rock Exotica Omni-Block Swivel Pulleys

The Omni-Block combines a swivel and pulley into one tool, and incorporates a unique side plate that opens while the pulley is still attached to the anchor.


CMI Shear Reduction Device

This revolutionary half-sheave design creates a lighter block that attaches parallel to a cable, using less hardware.


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