Facilitation From The Inside Out

The art of facilitation begins from within. This interactive workshop will help facilitators recognize and bring forth the strength that resides within them for the purpose of making more powerful and meaningful connections with program participants. We examine in-depth the importance of processing and generalizing as methods to encourage participants to draw learning out of events or experiences and apply the results of experiential learning to make real impact in their lives. Participants will learn from each other as they work through simulations in regards to diversity, emotions, group dynamics and other challenges facilitators often encounter when working with groups. Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves and how to work through their personal barriers by becoming an effective facilitator.



Next Training Date

TBD - This specific workshop is available upon request


Workshop Cost

$525, 3 days of training, includes room and board.


To Register

If you are interested in this training, please email to register and learn more about the workshop.