Facilitation From The Inside Out


Facilitation from the Inside Out is an experiential three-day intensive workshop for facilitators, teachers, school counselors, therapists, youth workers, and anyone else who works with groups. This training is an opportunity to increase self-awareness and develop the skills to effectively facilitate authentic group connection and transformative learning experiences.

This interactive workshop will help facilitators recognize and bring forth the strength that resides within them for the purpose of making more powerful and meaningful connections with program participants. It is designed to allow participants to develop a better understanding of themselves and to work through the personal barriers that keep them from being an effective facilitator and will include facilitation theory and principles of experiential learning alongside personal reflection and group support. Participants can expect a weekend of self-discovery, renewal, and empowerment.

Through experiential and interactive activities and reflective practices, you will...

  • Become a more effective and confident facilitator

  • Develop strategies for going deeper with groups

  • Increase self-awareness and mindfulness

  • Develop skills to create meaningful and transformative experiences for others

The topics and activities that we will explore include...

  • The power of vulnerability in developing connection

  • Personal values, values-based action, and incorporating values into group facilitation

  • Defining and sharing your personal ‘why’

  • Integrating mindfulness practices with oneself and with groups

  • Experiential learning theory

  • Practice leading groups, guiding conversations, and giving and receiving feedback

  • Leadership styles and strengths

  • Identifying and working with challenging thoughts and emotions, including personal reactions, "triggers", judgments, and negative self-talk

  • Effective communication and mindful listening



2020 Dates TBD


Camp Tilikum | Newburg, Oregon

Workshop Cost

$575, 3 days of training, includes room and board




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