Canopy Tour & Zip Line Design

What is a Canopy Tour or Zip Line Tour?

Zip Lines and Zip Line Canopy Tours are said to have originated centuries ago as a mode of transportation. Temple Jacks are known to have zipped from the tops of cathedrals to carry their gear and Australian solders are said to have zipped across canyons to flee the enemy. Today the United States are experiencing a boom of the industry and instead of a Zip Line being at the top of a Bucket List, it is becoming a weekend hobby. Single zip lines at summer camps have evolved into Commercial Zip Line Tours creating a 3 hour experience with multiple lines and even some suspension bridges. Typically, Zip Line Tours contain two guides and a group of 8 – 12 participants and the tour moves as a group.

What Synergo Provides

Zip Lines and Zip Line Canopy Tours are rapidly popping up all over the world and it is important that you select a qualified professional to work with you on your project.  Synergo has been a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) for a number of years and became an accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) in 2002. As a PVM our work is periodically reviewed to assess compliance with the construction standards set forth by ACCT. We are a full-service provider for Zip Line Tours and as such, we offer design, installation of your zip cables and platforms, braking system installation, fall protection access, rescue equipment, creation of a policy and procedure manual specific to your site, staff training and testing. Our trainings provide zip guides with the technical and interpersonal skills needed to effectively guide participants through the tour. These trainings include a comprehensive series of topics covering the major areas of zip line/canopy tour guiding and the technical standards that are set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

  • Zip line design and canopy tour design - Synergo
  • Zip line design and canopy tour design - Synergo
  • Zip line design and canopy tour design - Synergo

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